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Lyric poetry

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English (Arts)
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ENGL 345
Nathalie Cooke

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Lyric Poetry - very difficult topic, because there is a lot of material to cover - lyric poetry expresses thoughts and feelings and it is brief, but not limiting - they say it's short, but not how short it is - pronominal address: I-you poems (addresses thoughts or feelings to another), medatative (self- reflective, sometimes dealing with the dead, abstract concepts or human beings), dramatic monologues (dialogues or narratives were the poet is absent; debated as to whether this is a form of lyric poem) - narrative poetry: anything that does not contain thoughts or feelings... anything that is plot-driven and flat is not lyric - dramatic monologue can then be considered lyric because there's a psychological exploration - usually, it's narrative, dramatic or lyric - there are many that we've already covered in class: The Passionate Shepherd to his Love - the shepherd is promising things which cannot be achieved in real life to his loved one - this is more a confession of thoughts/desires Nightingale - I-you: sometimes you will find the I inside, but sometimes it is just implied Paradise Lost - as a whole, it is not a lyric poem, however the beginni
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