ENGL 228 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Frederick George Scott, Confederation Poets, Bliss Carman

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16 Aug 2016
ENGL 228
Lecture 9 — Feb 16
Isabella Vallency Crawford
Malcolm’s Katie — Should man own his daughter or his wife?
-Should English settlers own land that belonged to the First Nations?
Treats human problems with high gravity
Problem of Property: sorrow
-Sorrow is not utility, but rather a divine intervene
-Suffering is to lose touch with prosperity
-Solution: not that the problem of property goes away, but rather that protagonists suffer
-Ideal altruism — Only though a kind of death allows salvation and rebirth
Poem = National Solution — a vision of Canada and establish ideal altruism as an ideal basis to
rise from this moral foundation, and become different from Imperial Europe
-Crawford = positions her within a wider movement; Confederation Poetry
The Confederation Poets
-1867 Parliament passed the British North American Act uniting 4 colonies (provinces of
Canada: Upper Canada, Northern Canada, Nova Scotia, …)
-Defines what Ottawa is responsible for, and what each provence is responsible for
-Creating the hierarchy of who has power over what
-Defines what matters will be governed and who will govern them — kept under the control
of the British Parliament of London
-Could not pass any laws unless allowed by the British Parliament
-British North America Act — didn’t define the country, as Canada didn’t fully break from
Britain, although people felt as though a new Country was born
-Confederation poetry sprang from this Act
i) Narrow Sense: designates 6 male poets who knew each other and worked together.
Scholars use the term Confederation Poets to refer to this group, who were inspired by each
other. Designates poems from this era too (Isabella Valency Crawford etc.).
-Term could refer to 1880-1910 poetry — either the group of six men, or people who were
born in the 1860s and who grew up under this new confederation of Canada
-Charles G. D. Roberts
-Bliss Carman
-Archibald Lamperman
-D. C. Scott
-Frederick George Scott
-W. W. Campbell
Six Confederation Poets: got their start in 1880, when Charles G.D. Roberts published his book
-Roberts was in the Maritimes and Archibald Lampman got this book and became inspired to
become a poet— stayed up all night reading it
-Roberts was the leader — movement was unified through his efforts
-Promoted the work of his other five poets
-Read and edited a lot of other poets work
-Appeared together in an important anthology and broke up in 1897 — Campbell accused the
other members of plagiarism, over the phrase “innumerable sound of the crickets”
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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