ENGL 228 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Our Village, The Sketch, Canter And Gallop

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16 Aug 2016
ENGL 228
Lecture 7 — Feb 4
Essay Questions:
-Use passages from the assigned reading
Suzanna Moodie — Publication Abroad
-Book was published in London, England
1. Published her sketches in the Literary Garland — owned by John Lovell who offered her
decent payment, and she became a huge contributed
-Wrote a 6 part series titled The Canadian Sketches that was published in The Literary
-Adeu to the Woods was written last — questions how she got out of the terrible life of the
woods and got to Bellville, Ontario
-Text generates itself through her memory backwards
-In Old Port Montreal, John Lovell’s printing plant is still there — “Lovell Printing” that is
now a printing museum
-McGill Library has a complete run of The Literary Garland
2. Expanded her writings into a book manuscript, who she sent with John Bruce back across
the Atlantic who offered it to Richard Bentley (published The Clockmaker)
-Law has changed — Canadians realize that they must publish in London to receive
-Richard Bentley has copyright and publishes it
-This book was written for an English audience — remember while reading
-She was not reading for Canadians, let alone an American audience
-The book sold well and was pirated in the United States
3. Collection of short pieces made for serial publication
-Works well to read in three excerpts
4. Book written in Canada, powerfully shaped for British readers
Sketch — Literary Model
-Influenced by Mary Russell Mitford’s Our Village (1824-32)
-“Sketches of rural character” — described people and places of rural England
-The sketch is a documentary prose piece centred on a person, place, event, phenomena,
-Embellished — piece of fine writing (not journalism) — making it literary as there are literary
-There is a focus of the literature — when reading the sketches, the reader should look for the
central object (one thing) in mind while writing
Objects of Focus
1. Nature of Quebec
2. Arriving to the “New World”
3. First settlement and the borrowing system — differences in types of people and class
-First farm
-Liberties that the poorer neighbours take with them when the Moodie’s arrive
4. Alliances — Brian B
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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