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ENVR 201
Elena Bennett

Society, Sustainability and Environment- ENVR-201- 051 September 26th, 2012 Invasive Species Definition: An introduced/non-native species Grow, reproduce and disperse quickly Adaptable to many environments and food sources They outcompete native species Spreading: Around 50,000 non-native species in the USA Globalization has exacerbated issue by allowing for the transportation of organisms Climate change can change the distribution of species Introduction of species as ornaments, for biocontrol or fish stocking, as pets Effects: Minor and major effects on both a global and local scale Impacts on nature and society Cost of agricultural loss, recreation, medical effects, monitoring and eradication efforts Animals: Zebra Mussels -Bottom feeders found in the Great Lakes -Grow on other organisms and surfaces -Disrupt ecosystem by colonizing water systems -Damage human-made Asian Carp -Filter feeders released into the Great Lakes -Consume at the bottom of the food chain -No natural predators -Easily outcompete other fish Cane Toads -Introduced to reduce cane beetle population -Very adaptable to their environment, spreading 40km/year -Eat both dead and living things Burmese Python Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 -Pets released into the wild when they become too large -Can eat very large organisms -Now required to have a microchip Beavers -In South America, beavers have altered the landscape -Cut down trees (which don’t regenerate) and build dams -N
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