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ENVR 203
David Goodin

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Knowledge,EthicsandEnvironment-ENVR-203-051 September 19th, 2012 GreentheFilm Reflection: -Really showed the degradation of the forest through the progression of time -The lackofspeechmade the film, and by extension the issue, universal -Didn’t have an explicitmessage, but rather allowed the viewer to drawtheirown conclusionsfrom the juxtapositionof images, eg:/newspapers thrown on ground /Green dying -Presumably the goal was to make us question our valuesand priorities -Appeal to our sympathetic emotionalside -A large part of our own decisions on giving moralstandingseem based in how much we personallyrelateto an entity -As rationalas we may try to be, there’s no such thing as a purelyobjectivedecision -Biasseems inherentinhumannature(and is somewhat present in the film) Following those
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