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September 3 Lecture

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McGill University
Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 185
John Stix

EPSC 185 – Natural Disasters Fall 2013 Hurricanes - September 3 , 2013 rd  a disaster is an unfavourable event that happens  in the past people thought it had to do with stars  scientists love to predict when the next events are going to happen & how to reduce the effects  impacts  earthquakes – local to regional  an earthquake is very fast but cleanup could last a long time  floods – local to regional  floods can last a long time  hurricanes – regional  tsunamis – regional to global  meteorite impacts – regional to global  hazard: potential threat to humans and their welfare  risk: probability of loss (deaths, injuries, damage, disruption of economic activity) as a result of a particular natural event  vulnerability: potential loss, or degree of loss, form the event (ie/ 0 = no damage, 1 = total loss)  disaster: a hazardous event affecting a community in an adverse way such that essential social structures (internet, phones) and functions are disrupted  prediction and forecasting: statement that a particular natural hazard will occur (a) with a given probability (b) during a certain time frame (c) in a specified geographic area  mitigation: efforts to reduce or
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