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September 5th Lecture

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Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 185
John Stix

EPSC 185 – Natural Disasters Fall 2013 th  September 5 , 2013 o slides have been updated online o hurricanes are called different things around the world o categorize them based on wind among other things o motivation: why do we care? o human costs  of 20 deadliest tropical cyclones, 14 occurred in South Asia  deadliest was Great Bhola Cyclone  hit Bangladesh in 1970, killing 500 000  why Bangladesh?  heavy population density  elevation  large area less than 1m above sea level (where do you evacuate to?)  category 5 = maximum intensity  deadliest storm in Atlantic Basin (1780) killed 22 000  deadliest storm in USA was Galveston Hurricane (1900) killed 8000  of 10 deadliest storms in USA, only 1 occurred since 1957 (Katrina, 1900 dead)  on average, 4 hurricanes impact Atlantic Canada a year  deadliest storm in Canada (1775) 4000 killed along NL coast  2nd deadliest in Canada (1873) killed >600 in Nova Scotia  more deaths associated with droughts/heat w
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