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September 10th Lecture

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Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 185
John Stix

EPSC 185 Fall 2013 th  September 10 , 2013  latent heat release is important  eyewall: cloud with winds blowing upwards; strength of winds blowing upwards is proportional to the strength of the hurricane  tropical cyclones always form over tropical oceans  whiter areas on satellite images are more intense/strong areas of the storm (thunderstorms, rain, etc.)  life cycle  tropical depression  first appearance of a lowered pressure & organized circulation in the centre of the thunderstorm complex occurs; winds near centre between 37 & 39 km/h  tropical storm  sustained winds between 35 & 63 km/h; now given a name  hurricane  maximum sustained winds read 120 km/h; pronounced rotation develops around central core; large bands of clouds & precipitation spiral from eyewall (called spiral rain bands)  storm structure  the eye: hurricane’s centre o relatively calm, generally clear area of sinking air & light winds that usually doesn’t exceed 24 km/h o typically 32-64 km across o usually develops when maximum sustained wind speeds go above 119 km/h o calmest part of the storm  the eyewall: ring of tall thunderstorms that produce heavy rains & strongest winds  changes in structure of eye & eyewall can cause changes in wind speed  the eye can grow/shrink in size & double (concentric) eyewalls can form  rain bands: curved bands of clouds & thunderstorms that trail away from the eye wall in a spiral
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