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Lecture 6

FILM 279 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Surrealist Cinema, Movie Camera, Ethnography


World Cinemas
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FILM 279
Thomas Lamarre

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Film 279 lecture 6
Last class: avant-garde film
Dula eadig ad toda’s eadig
2 similar moments
o opening up of the screen from space of H studio, from space of the
narrative (contained space ) to smt else
o image the eye: spilling of the unconscious, material onto the screen itself
opening up of the screen to a diff world/diff dimensions
mind, dream, emotion, shocking viewer to diff levels,
possessed by mind screen,
also documentary films
o screen opens up, not to the interior, to the world:
reality, life
that world stick into smt more noble, but
reality itself is very ambiguous, smt that is
imponderable (as much as the world of
movies break away from narrative form, to diff spaces
o Relationship to man with movie camera
o Talks about cinema in order to establish specificity of cinema, enslaved to
logic of theater, literature, but medium with own qualities and
Similarities with music
Non-representational signs
o Visual sonorities
Embrace not narrative logic, but involved in
exploration of the image itself, of the
movement, rhythm: basic material of
Imponderable, life
o With onset of sound: cinema more and more industrialized, alternative
ways of making movies (like avant-garde) were shut off from the use and
possibility of producing: because more and more an industry
o Avant-garde crucial role in experimenting with cinematic sonorities with
life, imponderable, elaboration to new forms that will not appeal to
mainstream cinema, but will later on be absorb into mainstream cinema,
will change in the long run cinema itself
o Pure cinema (cinema that work with form, emotion, feeling, rhythm)
Image itself
She Value the aestheti ualities of iea, ut does’t ea
there Is no dramaturgy involved, another type involved with visual
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elements (dramatic power evokes the quality of a poem, rather
than a novel)
Working with forms
But still maintaining drama
Surrealist cinema
Symphonie films
Abstract experimentation with just images
2 opposite examples
o rhythmus 21 (Hans Richter)
aesthetic formal play with shapes,
revolutionary act, breaks away
experimental avant-garde
form-shape- rhythm : play with dramaturgy
abstract, inhuman, beyond the human (for
Dulac) because deals with
irrationality/dreams, with science has a part
to play in experimental cinema
network, not of events to follow, bu rather
of sensation, shapes, forms that go beyond
what could be reduced to smt that make
sense as a narrative
think of the image as smt independent from
a story
o Rain (Regen) (Joris Ivens)
Symphonie documentary
Poem that is constructed on life, rhythm,
sense of movement and its musicality, not
on a plot (same ex. Man with Movie
Music was more central than Vertoz
(music written later: took over, not
o 2 music: music and music of
metaphorical sense, language of life,
o montage builds up around it
real symphony movies: focus only
on the city: whereas MWMC focuses
on other things too (much larger in
scope, not just one city,
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