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Organic Chemistry- FDSC-230 October 13th, 2012 Stereochemistry Stereoisomers: Have the same connectivities but vary in spatial orientation Mirror images of molecules can be superposable or non-superposable Enantiomers/chiral substances are non-superposable mirror images of each other -Usually labeled “R” and “S” -Assign priority (by highest atomic number) to each group on the stereocentre -For double or triple bonds, prioritize as if atoms are duplicated/triplicated -Place the lowest priority group facing away from you -Trace a path from highest to lowest priority -Clockwise: R, counterclockwise: S -Molecules with a plane of symmetry are not chiral (achiral) Diastereomers are not mirror images of each other -They have the same chemical properties, except reaction with chiral substances Stereogenic centres are atoms at which interchanges producing stereoisomers occur -Chiral compounds create tetrahedral stereogenic centre
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