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GEOG 205
Paquinand Heumann

Life Prior to the Industrial Revolution -illiterate society - 9/10 people lived on farms -life "simpler" -no global concept of world, didn't know what life was like outside of local village -work done at home - grew food at home, made clothes, etc -large poor lower class, no middle class, small upper class Where It Started & What It Affected began in England 1760 textile mills began in England fuel, clothing, food became more affordable manufactured goods could be sold worldwide with steamboats trains etc new class emerged - workers who produced goods - middle class industrials employed shitton people and made shitton profits problems: solution from coal, lack of housing created urban slums, demand for more goods and higher profits exploited workers particularly children some kids as young as five unions formed to fight for government work regulation - these laws helped address abuses could watch movies, talk on the phone, cars, etc Agricultural Changes supports the industrial economy, not about feeding the people new focus: feeding the people & providing raw materials (cotton, wool, etc) crop rotations began more farm tools made of metal instead of wood more effort went into breeding livestock and managing pests/insects etc to increase crop yield irrigation methods improved mechanized machines take over work of humans ox horses etc all above contributed to the growth of agriculture and enables agriculture to support the growing industrial economy Manufacturing and Textiles looms, sewing machines one of first devices: the Spinning Jenny James Hargrea
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