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March 18th

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GEOG 205
Gail Chmura

March 18 , 2013: Slow Climate Change: the “Climatic Optimum” of Hypsithermal  this topic is gradual climate change, as opposed to drastic climate change like the Younger Dryas  this occurred 9000 years ago  climatic optimum… optimum for who?  changes associated with the Hypsithermal o intensified monsoons (period of heavy, summer rains that occur in tropical regions) o human settlement on the Tibetan Plateau, at 5200 metres, where no people live today o subtropical & tropical forests of SE China expanded northward o coral reefs developed north of their present growth limit o prairie expansion in NA o lakes in the Sahara desert  we will be focusing on prairie expansion & lakes in the Sahara  prairie expansion in NA o some of the best evidence for this comes from NA  Kirchner Marsh, Minnesota  any change in climate is likely to be expressed in a change in vegetation since Boreal Forest & Prairie are both at the edge here o the same thing happened in Alpine Swamp  oak replaced with Spruce o there was both a warming and a cooling at Kirchner  expansion of the prairies o this relates to those assumptions of the principle of uniformitarianism in a previous reading  modern analogues exist  origin (taphonomy) of a fossil assemblage can be established o what is missing today in cold biomes that wasn’t during the Pleistocene? megafaunal  if we had mammoths, we would have different biomes today o there was a readvance of the forest/retreat of the p
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