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GEOG 205
Gail Chmura

GEOG 205 Review Session Ekman transporto fits into evidence of the warming world o there has been an increase in colder nutrient rich waterso offshore Ekman transport just in the surface layers moves water offshore so the water replacing that water is from upwelling generallyo nutrients are all settling in the bottomo there is also onshore Ekman transport pushing water towards the coastinstead the water is being pushed down as it piles up against the coast o this process is becoming more prevalent due to increases in wind strengtho winds that are going along the shore are also becoming stronger and these winds drive Ekman transporto the net effect is that the overall mass of the water is moving 90 degrees from the overall windso across the N Atlantic there is offshore so it moves from east to west in a clockwise motion o across the S Pacific there is onshore so it moves from west to east in a counterclockwise o the significance is that stronger winds are driving more of this o intensifying pressure gradientso happens at 90 degrees due to friction and the Coriolis effectanomaly calculations o you make a baseline so that it is easier to compare valuestemperature on a plus or negative senseITCZintertropical convection
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