GEOG 210 Lecture Notes - Glocalization, Occupy Movement

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7 Feb 2013
Lecture 1: Introduction
Central Notions in Geography
Landscapes and the ways in which people produce, shape and
consume them.
Globalization and how it relates to localization and ‘glocalization’.
1. Landscapes
Everyday landscapes: landscapes that people create in the course
of their everyday lives
Symbolic landscapes: representations of particular values and
o Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower
o Heritage Landscapes
o Landscapes of Despair
o Tool to identify ourselves
o Landscapes of Fear
o Landscapes of Agriculture
o Landscapes of Disease
o Landscapes of Conflict
o Landscapes of Identity
o Landscapes of Adaptation
! Climate Change
Usefulness of the concepts of Landscapes
2. Globalization: The widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide
interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life.
Globalization of labour
Human Rights
Globalizing Consumption
Can globalization go beyond the world?
Globalizing protests against globalization…
o Occupy Movement
Localization: An understanding of what makes certain places
unique, and the increasing concern that local places, cultures, and
environments are being overwhelmed by globalization.
Glocalization: the global-local nexus
o Recognition of the interdependence between geographical
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