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Lecture 11

GEOG 210 Lecture 11: GEOG 210 Lecture 11

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McGill University
GEOG 210
Jon Unruh

What is development? Prof Brian E Robinson [email protected] Situating “development” • Previous lectures – how do landscapes form • An overview of the next few lectures: a. What is development, and how do we think about what this means? • What do we mean by it and how do we measure development? b. How and why have (economic) development trajectories differed? • Over different places at different times • How some regions developed in some ways and other regions didn't develop in other ways c. What is poverty and what are poverty traps? • Micro-scale - people in those places • Distribution of economic activity (winners and losers) d. International aid, and aid effectiveness • Video: globalization of aid • These are the main ideas we’ll consider over the next 2 weeks – development from a human geography perspective Where I’m coming from… (Prof's focus) • Ecosystem services, development, livelihoods o In developing world o Local scale: how people benefit from local resources, and how policies mediate these relationships • Work on levels of: o Landscape and households o Institutions and public goods What ES contribute to livestock? • Communities rely on wild feed and grass o Water and livestock Landscape and Household Level: Forest resources --> how those contribute to people's livelihoods Landscapes (Great Wall, National Forests) affects jobs • Jobs from natural landscape tourism What other ES contribute to rural livelihoods? • Land use and conservation policies • Ex paid to conserve landscapes Graph: The Poor Depend More on Ecosystem Services • Which populations are hurt when populations are destroyed? Photo: Households with migrants depend less on ecosystem services • Urban/rural migration - how does this change the ways we depend on the environment Institutional level: Responses to environmental policy • Assess environmental and livelihoods impacts of policies: o credit access program on rural productivity o changing farming practices for cash o reduce stocking rates in grasslands Land tenure & property rights • Why do some communities self-regulate use of natural resources? • Does a certain type of land tenure best protect forests? • What does the conservation community need to know about land tenure security? Methodology: • Political ecology • Economics Course Content Topics • What is development? • How do we measure it? • Patterns of development • Dependency theory Development: • What is it? o Need to define it objectively, not what we want, but what the subjects of development want • How do we measure it? o How to track progress o e.g., how does the World Bank defined low-, middle- and high- income countries? o Or including education, and not just income --> adds new standards to how we aim to achieve development • Different ways to measure development/quality of life --> depends on how you define development • But there are standardized ways to define development across the world Measuring development: Gross domestic product (GDP) • What is GDP? o Gross value added by all residents of producers in the economy, (plus taxes minus subsidies) that are produced within that country o the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year • Critiques o Doesn't show what is happening inside the country. Lots of stuff is aggregated o Undocumented exchanges (informal economies, which are huge in some places o Only focuses on the economic sphere (manufacturing, companies, firms… excludes wealth accumulated in the household: childcare services, value produced in the home not exchanged in a business transaction) o Doesn't take into account natural country assets • Easy to measure • Politically challenging to decide what to add to GDP to make it better Measuring development: Gross national income • Tracks residents of a country, rather then activities of a country • total domestic and foreign output claimed by residents of a country, consisting of gross domestic product (GDP) plus factor incomes earned by foreign residents, minus income earned in the domestic economy by non-residents • Ex residents of Finland conducting business in other countries - economic activity goes back to Finland • Uses Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) - each dollar here can buy a dollar there, puts everyone on the same page o Same amount of stuff can be bought with each dollar to make it even o a theory which states that exchange rates between currencies are in equilibrium when their purchasing power is the same in each of the two countries. • Little better of a measure than GDP but still relatively simplistic Missing things, but useful • Easy to measure • Long records Measuring development: ...? • What else might we want to include in a measure of development? Measuring development: Human development index • Life expectancy (health) o Of a child born in that year • Education (how well functioning a government system is and direct benefits of education, ie opportunities) o Mean years of schooling (today) and expected years of schooling (for someone today, trend in future) • Income o GNI *Used in decisions on allocating resources Map of HDI: Looks different than GDP and GNI over space Measuring development: Human development index Rank: GNI/cap rank minus HDI rank • Big differences o Australia, moves up 15 places (2 vs 17) o New Zealand, moves up 16 places (6 vs 32) o May not have much cash, but long life expectancies and education • Some go down too o Singapore, moved down 15 o Qatar moved down 35 o High incomes, but lower levels of education/life expectancy But what is still wrong with this? Could we do better? • Extremely high income earners (ex in the US) could still skew distribution average Human development index, Inequality-Adjusted • Adjusts for inequality • Takes GINI coe
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