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Section 5: Fallout of the Doha Round

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GEOG 216
Geraldine Akman

Doha Round 12/5/12 12:59 AM Farm Subsidies Still Concealed (2005) EU and US told to cut back export subsidies that allow surplus to be dumped elsewhere They redefine not reduce subsidies No change since 1986 *When negotiating, they usually end up in Geneva à which is too expensive for some countries Equity for Export Crops Satisfy economic self-interest of EICs Trade is better than aid Prevent illegal immigration Meet moral standards Developing countries are now the majority of WTO members Developing Country Concerns Their subsistence farmers are often entirely dependent on agricultural incomes from a few select cash crops OECD countries are most protectionist in products where low income countries currently have a comparative advantage E.g. textiles, footwear, sugar, rice, cotton, peanuts OECD agriculture subsidies encourage increases in production and exports of subsidized commodities à drives down the world market pr
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