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Section5: Global Food Security

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GEOG 216
Geraldine Akman

Global Food Security 12/5/12 1:00 AM Ties in well with discussion on oil Globalized Networks of Farming, Food Processing and Retailing Basic Determinants of trade in Fruits and Vegetables • Supply Side o Climate o location and trade agreements § price of oil § transportation costs § expiration dates o Growing Season o Technologies § controlled atmosphere technologies § slow the ripening and discoloration § maintain ethylene § satellite technologies • Demand Side o consumption is positively correlated with income growth and urbanization (increased information and education) o Demand increases for more variety and convenience o year-round demand for high-quality products Global Markets for Fruits and Vegetables Competitive advantage in production Environmental restrictions Transportation costs Slowly declining barriers to trade The Food Problems of 2008 Stable world food prices for years 2005-2—8: prices increase 83% Global Food Shortages • since the green revolution we haven’t had to think about this What caused the price jump in food prices? • Accumulation of past issues • Possibility of climate change • Oil prices • Biofuels General Issues: Accumulation of Past issues • Supply Side o New technologies § Green revolution § irrigation o Environmental issues § Use of pesticides § use of herbicides § fertilizers § heavy machinery --> compact soil, soil erosion o Shift away from rural development in poorer countries § Export crops not subsistence crops o Trader speculation § Increases over time with information technology § increase trade speed § globalizatio
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