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Julia Freeman

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The World of the City (Reading 20, Hayter and Patchell) 26 November 2012 Down-side of trade agreements 1. Labor being outsourced: lower wages in all countries which makes it harder to purchase the goods even though they may be cheaper, leads to consumption being made up through credit 2. Environment is bad for it 3. Public Health: lower tariffs, food quality, GMO are allowed under the trade agreement 4. Culture: part of the German culture before was you could only have beer with 4 ingredients, not anymore 5. Development 6. Democracy: even if Canadian didn’t want GMP products, we would still need to allow them into Canada cause of NAFTA 7. Double standard: First World Agriculture is wanted more WTO Cases  GM foods: Soybeans, corn EU vs Monsanto  EU ban on hormone beef: overruled for lack of scientific proof(ban on hormone beef, overrules for lack of scientific proof)  US endangered species act: no shrimp fishing that endangers sea turtles, got taken to court and won NAFTA 1989 Canada - US (CUSFTA) 1994 NAFTA Chapter 11: investor protection: a private company can sue a government if they feel as though their investment have been hurt Environmental and labor side agreements Canada MMT 1998  Gasoline additive MMT  Possible nerve damage  Ethel Corporation, Virginia  $250 million claim  Ended in a 13 million settlement Corn  US Corn, 10 billion annual subsidies  70% of world market  ADM, Cargill  3 million Mexican corn farmers, being put out of business, comparative advantage doesn’t feed a hungry world, puts people out of business “What if the world were one gigantic field? When crops grow where they grow best, we improve agricultural efficiently, make food more affordable, and feed a hungry world”, Archer Daniels Midland Metalclad vs. San Luis Potosi, Mexico 2000  7 million fine for refusing toxic waste dump  “Cities are rational landscapes for capital accumulation”
—David Harvey (a cycle)  Production: sets up machinery, hires workers, etc  Circulation: capital moves within 
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