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GEOG 217

Le Corbusier • real name Charles-Édouard Jeanneret ◦ swiss architect ◦ one of the most hated people in urban design in the 20th century - personally blamed for a raft of urban problems, every mistake for urban design in the 20th century is somehow blamed on him ◦ "a house is a machine for living in" ■ stressed maximization of simplicity, rationality, efficiency ■ this minimizes chaos & disorder ■ decoration etc is a sense of dishonesty - a building shouldn't disguise how it's built ■ form should follow function ■ basic function of a building according to Corbusier is to enclose space ■ ex/ most business buildings ■ street design should be done with the goal to move traffic efficiently ■ machines are judged by how well they function, not how beautiful they look ■ redefining beauty by a sense of functionality • contrast between city beautiful movement and modernist urban design ◦ embrace of industrialization in modern design • Le Corbusier: "The Radiant City" (book) ◦ earliest comprehensive statement of his urban design principles ◦ argued good urban design is... ■ concentration of houses ■ high rise buildings surrounded by open spaces ■ this provides housing for the same number of people as traditional city layout however 95% of the land is not built (i.e. 95% is open space or streets) ■ large apartment blocks surrounded by parks ■ relocate services/shopping from street level into the buildings themselves ■ referred to elevators as internal streets, vertical streets ■ buildings would be dispersed throughout the city ■ había local concentrations, but throughout the city dispersion to avoid congestion in any one location ■ streets would be redesigned to be elevated freeways because that's the most efficient design to move cars from one place to another quickly ■ streets are not for pedestrians, only for cars • Plan Voisin for Paris ◦ Corbusier's design for rebuilding paris ◦ first, bull doze the shit out of the north bank ◦ fascinated with large scale planning and large scale visions ◦ fundamentally a top down approach ■ not consulting with residents of paris, just do what he wants ■ luckily parisian gov
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