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GEOG 221
Nancy Ross

GEOG 221 Lecture 4.3 Air Pollution – Health Effects  Relationship between exposure to air pollution and levels of education  Local levels of air pollution in disadvantaged areas are higher than the city-wide averages used in the analyses, so the observed effect is due simply to measurement error  Interpolated NO2 levels: Toronto o Trying to map out areas of the city that are more exposed to NO2 o Living next to highways: noise and air pollution – people don’t tend to live near there  Low income groups tend to live close to these areas of high pollution  Intra-urban variability in measurements of air pollution o Research is getting more refined – wearing monitors around the city to measure exposure to air pollution  Particle retention in human lungs: Mexico city and Vancouver o More polluted city: more accumulation of air pollutants in human matter o Much variability in exposure due to unequal environm
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