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GEOG 309
Geraldine Akman

Immigration time line – 17 century we get french settlements followed by the British – End of the seven years war, wave of British immigration – Wave of loyalists 1775 – 1790-1860 most of the immigration is from England, Ireland and Scotland – from 1867 onward, waves from immigration from Ireland and China – 1882 railway completed ... head tax placed on Chinese immigrants of 50$, raise to 100$ in 1890's and 500$ in 1903 “Policy of Oriental Exclusion” (Chinese and Japanese) – 1908 Continuous Legislation (prevents East Indian Immigration) Had to come to Canada in one trip – 1901-1911 USA, Central and Eastern Europe (Favoured Immigrants) They showed up to settle the Prairies – 1913 400,870 immigrants arrive but in 1935 (Great Depression) 11,000 arrive – 1923 Canadian Chinese ImmigrationAct (tightened in 1930 to total exclusion ofAsians) – 1947 Repeal of Chinese ImmigrationAct (some restrictions remain until 1960's) – 1950's Selective immigration still favours certain nationalities (85% European) – 1962 Point system introduced (plus certain nationalities still excluded) – Civil rights movement and decolonization forces Canada to reexamine its immig
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