GEOG 309 Lecture Notes - Canadian Dollar, Quaternary Sector Of The Economy, Secondary Sector Of The Economy

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5 Apr 2012

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New Permanent Residents (2010)
Not Canadian citizens but they are authorized to live and work within Canada
They can lose that status if they engage in criminal activity or security issues
Economic Class: 186,913 (66.5%)
2/3 of people coming to Canada are here to support the Canadian economy
Including dependents (Wife and Children, Immediate Families)
Skilled workers (63.85%)
Business Immigrants (7.11%)
Canadian Experience Class (2.09%)
Live-in Caregivers (7.44%)
Provincial and Territorial Nominees (19.48%)
Point System
Knowledge of official languages
age (prefer young)
Pre-arranged employment
adaptability to labour market
Work experience
No criminal record
medical exam required
Family Class: 60,220 (21.5%)
Spouse, Partners, dependent Children, parents and grandparents
Grandchildren, orphaned Siblings, nieces or nephews of the sponsor
No point system for family class (Good character, good health)
Protected Persons: 24,696 (8.8%)
Government assisted and privately sponsored refugees, landed in Canada, dependents abroad
They have to go through a criminal and health check before they are allowed to enter
No point system
Other: 8,845 (3.2%)
Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds/public policy
A person has been here for some years but because they have a criminal record or economic
problems where then a minister can intervene
Permit holders
people who have work permits
Category not Stated: 7
Total: 280,681 (100%)
Highest number in 50 years, it was simply to get rid of some of the back log and allow people to
Over the last ten years, around 2/3 of applicants were male, today it is around 40/60 and they are working
to get it to 50/50
Types of economic structures
Primary: economic activities concerned with primary resources (fish, timber, minerals)
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