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GEOG 309
Geraldine Akman

British ColumbiaPhysiographic regionsMainly the Cordillera but does encompass a small section of the interior plainsPhysical attributesSpectacular and diverse set of landscapes mountains plateaus valleystypes of landscapescoastal fjordscoastal rain forestsdesert like in the interioralpine tundra at high elevationsThere are ten different mountain ranges the most important being the coastal and rocky mountainsThe Interior plateau is relatively dry due to Orographic Precipitation Coastal mountains Little crop land in this region Majority is found in the interior plains region Railways were key to attracting BC into Canada they allowed trade to get through the mountains and not have to be shipped through the Pacific Coal lumber and grain went by rail from the interior of BC and Prairies to the port of Vancouver towards Asian market Pacific and Cordillera climatic zonesgenerally mildest winter climate in CanadaFreezing temperatures tend to be uncommonmoderate temperatures high rainfall mild wet and cloudy wintersPrecipitation is around 2000mmannum for the coast and less than 400mmannum in the plateauA lot of micro climates in this regionMountainsProvide for tourism recreation and miningOffshore continental shelf and islands provides for a productive fisheryclimatic zones set the stage for productive forestrymost valuable timber stands size type and density2 of land is arable37 of Canadian farms located in BC mainly fruitPacific Ocean affects the climate resource base and transportation systemVancouvers sheltered ice free harbour is a gateway to the pacific nations and western EuropeUnfinished land claimsBC is home to 198 first nationsthere are overlapping land claims of band equals 110 of the provincesettlements rarely exceed 10 of claim1944 around 70 of the aboriginal population started negotiations for land claimsTreaty 8 1899 Klondike Gold rushDouglas and Vancouver island treaties PopulationFats growing population Immigration and interprovincially1990s major migration from Honk KongIncreased BCs economic status and political powerAsian immigrants brought skills capitals and asian business connectionsEconomyEconomic performance tends to fluctuate with China and the pacific rim countries and with falling commodity pricesIndustrial structure
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