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5 Apr 2012
Regions of Canada
Ontario and Quebec
Both share the great lakes region
as well as the Canadian shield
and some of the hudson bay lowland
Bordered by Manitoba, Hudson's bay, Quebec and the Great Lakes
Physical attributes
10.8% of the total area of Canada
Great lakes is good for agriculture
Canadian shield is good for mining, forestry and tourism
Hudson's bay lowlands, very good for hunting and trapping, very sparsely inhabited,
population is mainly Cree.
Gentle slope of northern land which is not conducive to hydroelectric dams
Composed of great lakes, subarctic and arctic climatic zones
Southern Ontario is the most favoured physical area in Canada
93% of Ontarians live in southern Ontario
Location is central in Canada and close in proximity to the industrial heartland of the USA
Many automobile assembly plants along the border with the USA
Great lakes provide low cost transportation
St-Lawrence seaway and Welland Canal facilitate trade with the USA
Welland Canal: Strategic link between lake Ontario and Lake Erie
Bordered by Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Hudson's Bay, Ontario
Physical Attributes
15.5% of Canada's Area
Great Lakes is good for agriculture and Manufacturing
Northern Quebec is made up of the Canadian Shield and the Hudson bay lowlands
good for mining, forestry, clay belt, tourism and hydroelectricity
Appalachian Uplands (Agriculture, fishing, tourism, logging, mining)
Clay belt, has a short growing season, good for dairy farming, 1/2 the commercial farms in
Quebec are located in the Clay Belt. Hydroelectricity benefits from the large amounts of
precipitation and many rivers
Climatic zones include, the arctic, subarctic and the Great Lakes
higher elevation of the Canadian Shield provides necessary drop for hydroelectric power
This power has provided cheaper power for surrounding plants and has provided clean energy
for Quebec and is now selling to Ontario and some States
Quebec and British Columbia are the two major powers in hydroelectric production
The St-Lawrence River is a major advantage to Montreal and Quebec, major trading route and
Canada Ontario Quebec BC West East
Land area 100% 10.8% 15.5% 9.5% 19.8% (6.6, 6.5, 6.5) 5.5% (.7%, .6%, .1%, 4.1%)
population 13,373,0007,979,700 4,573,300 6, 087,900 2,357,400
% of total population 38.78% 23.14% 13.26% 17.65 6.83% (2.19%, 2.74%, 0.42%, 1.48%)
House of Commons seats 106 75 36 56 (28,14,14) 32 (10, 11, 4, 7)
(308 total)
proportion of foreign 26.75% 11.12% 25.90% 15.63, 4.87, 12.83 3.52, 4.83, 3.46, 1.64
born population (18.94%)
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