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McGill University
GEOG 309
Geraldine Akman

Western CanadaAgricultural sectorThis is what brought people into Canada in the first placeThey were growing wheat to be shipped back to Great BritainThe federal government worked on a Wheat strain which has a shorter growing season which is better for this region in CanadathThe main thing is that from the mid 20 century onward we saw a mechanization of farms and a decrease of people living in rural areas fewer but larger farmsFertile zone soils are very rich darkbrown rich black soils Well suited for growing cereal crops issues to think about soil moisture and growing season peas and lentils require more moisture specialty crop Around Winnipeg farmers are growing more specialty crops to serve the market Dry Zone a lot of grain farms and livestock Some grain farms are actually growing hey and grain for the animals Its not that precipitation is lower in this area its that evaporation is much stronger in this region historically there have been many droughts in this area they usually put their land in fallow rest for two years Irrigated land and close access to BC means that Alberta will ship their crops West and south to the United States They are growing corn sugar beets and potatoes many vegetables Agricultural fringe growing feed and livestock hey short grow
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