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Lecture 20

HISP 226 Lecture 20: HISP 226 Lecture 20 Notes

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Hispanic Studies (Arts)
HISP 226

03.23.2016 Hispanic Civilizations Lecture 20 PROGRESS AND REACTION: MIDCENTURY MODERNIZATION IN LATIN AMERICA Outline of Todays Lecture Review Challenges to modernization Changing ideologies around economic platforms Case Study: Brazil Challenges to Modernization Political and economic development go hand in hand in Latin America Both these things have had difficulties in stabilization, different political groups and systems as well as problems with economic diversification 1920s1960s, A shift in economic policy Between 1920s1940s: two problems in economic policies 1) and 2), also seen in push towards ISI Focus on state intervention and state control of enterprises: oil, steel, iron and public utilities Run by statetechnocrats, lead to high growth of industries Latin America grew faster than any other region in the world, 5 a year Case Study: Brazil Kubitschek puts technocrats into power: the link between public and private spheres which lean towards a more capitalist government structure Common trend seen in Chile, Peru, etc. Key industry growth: an example of diversification, shift towards more manufactured goods that require a process Manufacturing topped agriculture; different from the rest of Latin America where agriculture was far more common than manufacturing 100 of own consumer goods, intermediate goods (see reading) Brazil becomes self sustained Map of Brasilia Building of Brazils capital city: Brasilia directly in the center Need to unify politically, socially, economically, moment of great industrialization First capital: Salvador (direct link to West Africa), Second: Rio, Third: Brasilia NorthEast of Brazil: no diversification of goods, sugar, poverty Economic powerhouses of SouthEast: Rio de Janeiro
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