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Lecture 18

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McGill University
Hispanic Studies (Arts)
HISP 226
Nicolas Gulino

Victor Jar famous singer killed in Chile in 1973 because of the dictatorChile major exporter of fruits and vegetables In 1970s Allende nationalized the major industriesFear of spread of communism in LA very important in USSome say Allende was assassinated but Pinochet government said he committed suicidePablo Neruda important writerRole of women important Resisted against the violence and dictatorship o In Chile creative way of expressing the grief and anger arpilleras pieces of cloth that tell a storySome of these arpilleras were very political scenes of violence and depressionArgentinas dirty waro Discontent with the status quo 60s and 70s increase in left wing group challenges o Peaceful demonstrations to strikes and then armed conflicts and assassinations o Montoneros wanted a Cuban style communist revolutions o USA Truman doctrineGovernment counter insurgency Right does not want an Allende or Cuba Increase military and Paramilitary rd Peron returns from exile in Spain and wins presidency in 73 Dies in 74 but as his 3 wife
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