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Lecture 2

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McGill University
Hispanic Studies (Arts)
HISP 226
Nicolas Gulino

In the 18th century many artists were part of the clergyAntonio Soler famous musicianEnlightenment1700 key year for Spain Profound changes to the Spanishspeaking world and EuropeNorth AmericaDeath of Charles II o Member of the Hapsburg monarchy that would carry Spain with good luck and chance o Excessive new wealth due to discovery of new world o Hapsburg Empire Spain Germanic line with Austria bits of France Belgium Netherlands and South America o Extracted gold silver and numerous riches from there Global EmpireFelipe II the prudent main concern was Catholicism Europe was becoming protestant so he worried o Build monastery of San Lorenzo to show Spains defence of Roman Catholicism o 30 years war of religionFrom the 1600 and as you approach the 1700 Spain starts losing more and more of its riches Nevertheless it still shows off an explosion of cultural music art over the w
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