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Lecture 2

202 - Week 8 – Lecture 2 - War of 1812 .docx

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HIST 202
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

Week 8 – Lecture 2 History 202 – Canada to 1867 War of 1812 Historiographic pretense that the war was about trade across theAtlantic or because the British Navy was kidnapping American sailors off their ships for the British Navy - but during the war of 1812, canadaians were pleased to receive what was smuggled across the Vermont border whilst the Vermont people were happy to get rid of it = the people whom wanted the war were elected in 1812 – ‘war hawks’because they wanted war = the republican party - like the Tea Party = hated taxes, regular army was a waste of money, believed the militia of the USAwere brave, patriotic and would serve for nothing at all… o a war that didn’t cost anything!! o Thomas Jefferson = assured the population that capturing Canada would be a matter of marching  the Canadians would be grateful to be rid of the British government – somewhat misled in this view War Hawks = wanted native territory of the allies of the revolutionary war  insisted that there be a place on theAmerican map which native people would govern and manage in their own traditional ways - this Indian territory lay acros the advance of theAmericans towards the West o enterprising sons and even daughters would head west to more free land, but if they came up against a piece of land occupied by native peoples they could not settle there  war of 1812 – not for Canada but actually to gain the native territory = the western sweep where natives were still the majority • fighting for the natives was a reason why leaders of the Shawnee nation tried to get the area governed by their people – they wanted their piece of land and no one elses o native people of theAmericas = taught us how to be modern soldiers
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