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HIST 202
Catherine Desbarats

HIST 202 – Survey: Canada to 1867 (November 28 2011) The West Beyond the West  story of empire formation is different than elsewhere, largely because of timing  British empire reaches this part of the world in the 18hcentury settlement begins in mid 19 thcentury 1. Aboriginal British Columbia  Material abundance (salmon; cedar); diversity o These two products/natural resources mean there is an abundance of wealth here year round that you wont find anywhere else. o Considerable material abundance. o Has a number of consequences  The densest aboriginal populations in north America.  Bulk of pre-contact population is mostly found in British Columbia  It is unique in the sense that this population is not being supported by faming but by fishing.  Most of the population lives on the coast, and coastal sites get washed away by the ocean.  34 languages o Oldest settled areas; we’re not sure by almost 12,000 years ago. o One of the indexes that suggests that this is an area that has been settled for a long time is the incredible array of languages. o Sometimes linguists suggest that the more languages you have and the more complex they are, the more people in a society are interacting and must have done so for a long time. o 34 languages THAT WE KNOW OF. o Language Groups:  Haida  Tsimshian  Nuxalt (Bella Coola)  Northern Wakashan  Kwakwakw’wakw (Kwakuitl)  Nuu-Cha-nulth (Nootka)  Coast Salish  3 main cultural areas NW coastal, o Southern Plateau; Northern Subarctic 2. People of NorthWest Coast  linguistic groups  material culture (housing/fishing/cooking); o people are fishers, whalers. o Eating clams and oysters o Women are harvesting shellfish, men are fishing o Women weave the nets that the men use to fish. They also use underwater traps and harpoons. Only a small amount of the fish is eaten fresh o The largest amount of fish is dried or smoked o There’s a candlefish out there just saying (????) o One the food is gathered, a lot of the work is done by women.  Cooking done inside, in cooking baskets. Tightly woven baskets, filled with hot water and rocks rather than putting it on the fire. The food is then put inside.  social hierarchy; o a chiefs position determined by family position and heredity o some family’s rank higher others in villages o one of the chief’s main roles is making sure that everyone is taken care of. He had to have enough material to spread around (Food, etc.)  potlatch (“to give” in Chinook jargon) o common ritual among people of the Northwest but it could look different according to the village. o Echo for the Nook’s word “Putchitle” – to give. o Chinook Jargon originally seems to have been a language that pacific-northwest people came up with. o One of the derivations of potchlatch is in the Chinook Jargon, which just means to give. o Goods given away and circulated o There is a lot more as well, anthropologists say that it’s a time and place where life changing moments (death, marriages) are brought to the public and celebrated. o Typical ritual part of pacific-northwest life that is shared by everyone, but is also one of many. o Cele
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