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Lecture 13

HIST 203 Lecture 13: 3-22-2017 1950s in Canada

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HIST 203
John Zucchi

1950s in Canada Economy Prosperity -New optimism about economics -End of WWII, which followed the Great Depression -New optimism for the postwar period -War had returned the economy to full employment -Postwar period led to an end to rationing Economic Security -Development of a broad welfare state -Unlike the UK and its Beveridge Report, Canada’s welfare state didn’t emerge from a plan -Produced the March Report (for social security) in 1943, which was ignored -Two major influences -General shift to Keynesian economic policies such as an interventionist state to support capitalism -CCF’s rise to popularity, especially in 1943, created a threat from the left Programs -Family Allowances Act, 1944: Direct payments to mothers of children, principle of universality, meaning that everybody with a kid would get family allowance benefits -Veteran’s Benefits, 1941, 1944-1945: Free university education was the central feature, but this also included life insurance, army pensions, and housing assistance -Expansion in Investment in Education: Supplemented provincial funding, leading to the opening of new universities and the expansion of older ones -Housing: Federal government began intervening in the rental market in 1941, and in 1945 the CMHC was established to stimulate private home ownership Welfare State Grows -Pensions introduced in 1927 and made universal in 1951 -Unemployment insurance came about in 1940 -Healthcare -Saskatchewan was first, with the CCF’s plan being implemented -1956 national hospital insurance plan introduced, and all provinces partook by 1961 -Public health insurance in Saskatchewan came about in 1
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