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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

HIST 203 Lecture 3-21 3/21/2013 10:15:00 AM Post-War Nation Building cont.  Rise of the Left o 1943 – CCF riding high in the polls – elected official opposition in Ontario o Tommy Douglas becomes premier of Saskatchewan (1944- 1961)  Other provinces had moved to the left as well o Family Allowance Act (Baby Bonus – 1945)  Federal government gave all mothers a monthly check to “give al children an equal chance”, would cost 250 million dollars and more government involvement to raise funds o Veteran’s Charter (1942-1946) – land and loans  paid for veterans to get retrained in civilian life after service, many went to university o National Housing Act (1945)  guaranteed loans for veterans to buy houses, “Canadian G.I. Bill”, would cost 750 million dollars o PC 1003 – Rand Formula (1946)  legitimized the right to unionize during the war and continued during peacetime, made strikes more peaceful with less of a standoff. Would be normalized after WWII. Governments pushed women out of the workplace o Old Age Security (1951)  Welfare State o Saskatchewan CCF government introduced $5 per year universal health care (!947) o Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act (1957) provided 50% federal funding for provinces created universal hospital insurance plans. th  Newfoundland becomes 10 province (1949) o Joey Smallwood (1900-1991) o Premier of Newfoundland 1949-1972 o Responsible government, confederation or government by commission?  options for Newfies for potential government choices. Voted in favor of joining Canada as opposed to Britains. Cold War and the Canadian Way of Life  Canada should be a Cold War ally with the United States – would intensify on military, economic, and cultural level. Shared a strong commitment to internationalism, stable world order, economic restructuring and security es
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