HIST 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Public Campaign, North-West Rebellion, Indian Act

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8 Jun 2018
Lecture 2 May 2nd
Canadian Expansion and Western Resistance
Film Critique
3-4 pages
Knowing what our thoughts are about the film, no true answer
Kind of like a book review in an academic journal
Present the work for an audience that hasn’t seen it, narrow down what the key
points of the documentary are
Explore what we believe the intentions are of the filmmaker and what his intensions
o Primary sources
What are the primary sources that he uses, who are the people that he includes in
the documentary?
Study Questions
Why do some scholars choose to refer to a Métis Resistance while others choose to
identify the events as a Métis Rebellion?
o Random: Capital M identity in the west, lowercase m mixed race people
)s Louis Riel a Father of Confederation?
o What is a father of confederation and why do we want to use that term to
refer to Louis Riel?
Explain what is meant by the sentence We are all treaty people.
The Transfer of Rupert’s Land, 1869
Canada and the (udson Bay’s company came to the transfer of Rupert’s Land
Red River Colony
o Community emerged through the (udson’s Bay Company’s (BC wide
trading and commercial network
o Métis population consisted of the descendants of former fur traders (Scots
and French-Canadians) and their indigenous wives
o By 1869, Red River had a population of 12000
80% were Métis
More than 50% of the settlement was French-speaking and Roman
MacDougal didn’t speak French and had never stepped foot in the West
Feared the government and the loss of their land and farms
Louis Riel (1844-1885)
Born in Red River Settlement
Father led a successful Métis protest against the HBC in 1849
Educated in Montreal (spoke English and French)
o Studied to become a Priest but never became one
Political leader of the Métis people
Led two resistance movements against the Canadian government
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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