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Canada's Age of Empire?

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McGill University
HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

th January 15 : Canada's Age of Empires? •Notion that Can gov'ts deny they are a colonising power o Goes against idea of Can as a peaceful nation • Western expansion an inevitable right for Canada o 1868 - Rupert's Land negotiations in London o British paid 300 000 pounds to the HBC but transfer to Canada delayed o Why this is happening Canada is building a road to the Red River Colony • Can party supported Red River Colony being a part of Canada • No one bothered to talk to those in the colony about their transfer •Red River Settlement o Scottish fur trade settlement o By 1860s pop. In mainly French Metis (5757) but 4083 English Metis 558 natives and 1500 Euro settlers o Controversy started when Can surveyors went to survey the land and were turned away by the metis (surveying is the groundwork to colonisation) • Formed a Metis party - Metis questioned whether Can had the sovereignty to control the colony •Rise of Louis Riel o Involved in stopping the British appointed lieutenant governor from entering the colony o Federal gov't seemed willingly to negotiate so three red river reps sent to Ottawa to negotiate entry into confederation o Members of the Can party arrested the released - a group of metis caught up w/ them and the party members put back into prison o Up to this point Riel operated quite well - kept all Metis together o Riel allowed Scott to be tried in a Metis court and was sentenced to death - found guilty if insubordination and striking the guards but was a known racis
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