HIST 203 Lecture 1: HIST 203 - January 24th

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History 203 Lecture
January 24th, 2017
What lay behind the tensions?
The way that the west was enveloped into Canada
Empire Ontario would go and get their land and give it a English imprint
The idea that the west would be Ontario’s
The claim into making West into Ontario French Canadians were to be excluded
from that vision and a Catholic present
Orange Order Ireland and Scotland in Ontario
^ much more prominent in Canada than in Ireland
There was a response from Quebec to all of this
^ beautiful Thesis the French Canadian idea of Confederation they had their
own vision of what the West should be like
Link between language and religion
Saskatchewan Rebellion 1885
Contests Terrain
o Increasing settlement of Ontario farmers in Manitoba
o Metis become only 7 percent of the population
o ^ they were a nuisance to the McDonald government they were
promised lands, but most of them were sold to land speculators
Exodus to Saskatchewan
English and French Metis were moving into that area
There was much nervousness the survey land was not sure if they could keep up
with demand
Riel would be the center of the whole catholic church
Consequences Reil’s Execution French started to strongly believe they had to
preserve their culture
^ people begin to interpret the facts in the way that they wish to
Sharp divisions between English and French
Dual meaning of confederation
Central event for defining French Canada’s view of itself and of Confederation
The myth of Riel lives on today
Jesuit Estate’s Act Controversy
Presentation of facts that allows us to see the tensions
Where did the Irish fit in? French or English
One of the goals of the English was to assimilate them
Jesuits had a serious presence in Canada
A bunch of lands around Montreal and Quebec City
The last Jesuit died in 1800
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