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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

ConscriptionthOn may 18 1917 Prime Minister Borden addressed the house of commons reporting the work he had done at the conference in LondonHe explained that the voluntary system had failed and that a compulsory system would have to be implemented as the liberty of Canadians was at stakeIn July 1917 the government passed conscription many people ran to the woods in order to avoid conscriptionBourassa argued that the Conscription law was an open invitation to popular uprisingLaurier opposition opposed itQuebec conservatives left their party and voted with the liberals opposing conscriptionIn December a canadian federal election took place this is where women get the vote for the first time believing that they would side with conscription and the war effort Borden took the right to vote away from citizens of enemy origin who had arrived after 1902Bourassa and Laurier were freely linked to the German causeThe Union government would go on to win 153 seats and the Laurier government 82stConscription would not be applied until January 1 1918In Easter 1918 anticonscription riots broke out in Quebec city leaving 5 dead The army was called in mainly from Ontario They believed that it would be dangerous to send in French Quebecers as they would feel allegiance to their brothersthHalifax explosion December 6 1917 two boats collided one carrying 3000 tons of dynamiteit was the largest man made explosion to that time16
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