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1867 january 23rd 2012.odt

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HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

Industrialization and UrbanizationMontreal jumped from 219616 residents in 1891 to 490504 residents in 1911Industrial RevolutionThe rapid process of economic change through the application of mechanical processes to traditional forms of manufactureA shift from human and animal power to mechanical power hydraulic steam gas and electric Speeds up work Greater investment necessaryTransformation of social relations around workA restructuring of spacial organizations of citiesRise of low skill jobs which contrary to previous methods would no take ten years to masterThe new relationship around work would be constructed around the wage they would get a small amount of training and their wageChildren would not be trained for a job but were seen as cheap laborthIn the 19 century most people worked down the hill in the old cityThe people who owned the factories moved up the hill into the golden square mileIndustrial establishments became larger and larger forcing people to set up their factories in cheaper areas Result being that the working people moved towards the factory where they workedMontreal was the first place that industrialized in the 1840s along the side of the canal This was done because new Hydroelectric technology was being developed alo
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