HIST 203 Lecture Notes - Anti-Clericalism, Charlottetown Conference, Great Coalition

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5 Apr 2012

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Why does Canada exist and what does it mean?
Act of providence?
God decided it was a good thing. God created it.
A logic of nature?
It was natural that British colonies would have affinities, that there would be an east/west alliance.
(canada instead has tried to establish a north/south alliance with the USA)
A peaceable Kingdom?
It was a peaceful and easy transition (though most processes in early Canada were done through
military and concessions
Canada is inevitable and good?
that it was inevitable that Canada come together and on the question of being good, that is up for
Why did a political entity called Canada come into being in the northern part of north american in the
mid nineteenth century?
Diverse groups of peoples (Europeans and natives)
Diverse political structures
Population of British North America according to 1861 census
BC 51, 524
Rupert's land 6, 691
Canada West 139, 6091
Canada East 1 111 566
New Brunswick 252, 047
Nova Scotia 330, 857
PEI 80, 857
Population of British colonies 1861
1 million Francophones
Irish 25%
English and Welsh 20%
Scottish 16%
Germans were the largest non english / non french speakers
130 000 – 400 000 native peoples spread out (most in bc and rupert's land)
10, 000 Metis
10, 000 inuit
1841 – Upper (Ontario/English Speaking) and Lower (Quebec/French Speaking) Canada merge
1849 – responsible government
British government supported self government and allowed to bring the government closer to the people
being governed.
Liberalism order framework:
Canada as Liberal order
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