HIST 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Deskaheh, Iroquois, Blue Law

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14 Apr 2016
02/09--Sport and Social Reform
The Era of Reform (1880s-1920s)
years of dramatic change
the growing social reform movement
○ concerns
the social gospel
christian duty
focused on alcoholism/prostitution--moral reformers
professionals and social reform
middle/upper classes lead reforms in paternalistic manner
○ education
improved schoolings for kids
also improved schooling for teacher so they can help students who don’t
speak french or eng
attendance also a prob--so made compulsory
promoted social constructions/sexism re: young women
wanted to assimilate immigrants
providing social services, but also forcing one set of morals/national image on ppl
The Sunday Tobogganing Controversy (1912)
lord’s day alliance
sunday reform movement
■ industrialization
■ urbanization
non-protestant immigration
lord’s day act (1906)
non-essential activities banned on sunday
recreation as a political issue
church says city is secularizing sunday
ppl moving away from church, wants to counteract that
sabbatarian anxieties
fighting the sunday law
leisure time for working-class
union support
businessmen--think happy workforce is more productive
city council and the ban (1912)
reaffirms act
six nations sunday lacrosse controversy
sovereignty of indg nations (in treaties) explicitly denied
sunday laws and the challenge to indigenous self-determination
“performative” protests
the internal struggle
deskaheh (aka Levi General)
haudenosaunee passport
the modernist resistance
contact zones of social and political interaction
indian affairs enters the picture
key factor
imposing an elected council
using sport as a political instrument
lord’s day act finally gone in 1985
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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