HIST 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Fiduciary, Oka Crisis, Assembly Of First Nations

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14 Apr 2016
04-07--Confronting Canada’s History of Colonialism
Indigenous political action post white paper (1969)
George manuel and the national indian brotherhood
Indigenous control of education
Calder decision (1973) legacy
Recognition that indg groups have to cede land
George manuel’s the fourth world: an indian reality
Putting indg struggle in context of global anti-imperialism/colonialism
Political wrangling
Constitution talks 1981-1982
Legal recognition of aboriginal, metis, and inuit in the constitution (1982)
Signif impact on indian act
Bill c-31 (1981)
Amendment to IA, restores status to women, those who had been
forcefully enfranchised
Bands allowed to determine own membership--this creates new injustices
Goal is still to eliminate status, # of status indians is declining bc
of second generation cutoff clause
Lighting the fire
“Oka crisis” (kanesatake, 1990)
Really an articulation of rights
Army invaded when indg community protested peacefully
Govt had been ignoring indg land claims for yrs--town wanted to build golf
course on land (including cemetery)
Legacy of oka
Royal commission on aboriginal peoples (1996)
major issues
Need for relationship btwn indg/non indg ppls
Econ self sufficiency of indg ppls
Healing of indg ppls/communities
Made 440 recommendations, addressed basically all aspects of indg life
Hardly any actually put into place
Contemporary colonialism
The politics of recognition
Of nation, rights, self-govt, fiduciary obligation
Reconciling indg nationhood w/in crown sovereignty
New forms of contemporary colonialism
The “aboriginal” label
Legal/bureaucratic category
Homogenizing identity/term--new terminology serves old purpose
The indigenous resurgence and decolonization
Decolonization takes imagination
Clinging to old colonial myths
Non-indigenous allies
Truth telling
Challenging the imperial mindset
Working towards decolonization
○ Resurgence
Creating a new reality for indigenous nations
Anti-colonial interrogation
Rethinking reconciliation
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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