HIST 215 Lecture 2: The Social Order of the “Old Order”

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HIST 215- Lecture 2- The Social Order of the “Old Order”: A society based on assumed
- Contrasting to modern society, where we have equal rights and “presumed”
- Inequality of wealth, education, cultural capital, social statues (which is not the
basis of our current society)
- Before the 18th century, there was only one culture where equality was present
Athenian Greek society
- Every other society considered that there was inequality and that this was
Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”
Yahoo- He is talking about the humans, trying to criticize his own society. Using this term
to avoid accusations because blasphemy was a crime. Authors were trying to go around
- Gulliver also talks about travelling and how it is good
Elias’ “Civilization Process”
- Text written in 1930s, about the process of civilization
- Little red Riding Hood 17/18 th century. By the end of the 18th century it started
changing and evolved because the message was very different pertaining to the
time. It was addressing a completely different society. The cartoon goes even
further because it talks about the 20th century. The wolf embodies the American
upper Bourgeois and abuses the young girl from the rural background that
migrates to the big, dangerous city.
- Alias writes in 1930’ Germany, writes about massacres, genocides. He has one
question in mind (who was forced to migrate): How is it that Europe, who is
considered the pinnacle of civilization, produce the barbaric WWI and in the
1930’s, Nazism?
- Historical question:
Introduction: Popular fairy tales, savoir- vivre guides and life in the “Old Régime”
- Birth defines status and rank: where you are born will define your rank, this. You
could be extremely rich, but not be high up in the ladder. Therefore, birth is more
important than wealth
- Privileges for the few- obligations for the vast majority
- Catholicism in France, Anglicanism in England second rate subjects for example,
the Jews in France and England
- Ottoman Empire did not go through the phase of expulsion (dominant religion
was Islam). If you were a Jew, it would be better to be in the Ottoman Empire
political, religious landscape
- 1550’s- 1850’s (little Ice Age)
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