HIST 215 Lecture 10: Industrialization

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HIST 215- Lecture 10- Industrialization
Football: epitomizing industrialization
Comparing maps on the right (population density of England in 1701) is more or less the same
than the city in The Premier League (football was invented because society was going to crumble
so they tried to find how they could deal with people in the working force)
Industrialization was coined in 1880
I. Causes: Why England?
II. Course: Was there an industrial Revolution
III. Outcomes: Pub and Football in Londons East End
A. Demographics
European demographic growth
Population and markets
Ricardo: Iron Law of Wages
We talk about England because enormous demo growth in 18th century
It means that people are recurring more food and textile so must increase capital
B. Agriculture and technology
Food and textile
Improved crop yields
Elimination of small-scale farming
Colonial agriculture
Picture 1: The amount of land is feeding enormous amount of peasant but at the same time it
belongs to a landlord
Picture 2: land are scattered, not maintained by peasants
C. Society, Culture, Technology
British legal system
Collapse of previous manufacturing paradigm
England by this time managed to overcome guild system: the guilt are no longer able to come
up with fix crisis (market is no longer regulated) = free trade system
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