HIST 215 Lecture 11: Nationalism

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HIST 215- Lecture 11- Nationalism
- The animosity towards a super national entity
- Resurgence of nationalism within a state
- It has to do with people wanting to participate in politics. The power comes from
the people. People find that the EU is not a democratic entity and dispossesses
them in participating in decisions
The ambiguity of a (not only) European phenomenon
- The US does not have a national language. Tried to declare English as the
National language
- Totally ambiguous: animated by Xenophobia, but on the other hand there is a
truth to it. You as citizens participate in power, they have to be able to understand
the laws/ debates, or otherwise, you cannot fully exercise your rights.
Understanding a phenomenon of the long 19th c. (1789- 1914)
- Giuseppe Verdi Most important opera writer in the 19 th century represents
politics nationalism
- The opera singing had a certain not just a cultural phenomenon, but a political
revolution as well. Many of the things that people think about their nations, date
back to the 19th century
How many types of nationalism do we have?
- Used to be on one hand Civic/ United political nation, citizens of the same nation
- On the contrary was to participate in an ethnic/ cultural nation
- Speaking the same language made you part of the same nation
- Different nation states, but same nation made them the same (German)
- Historians decided to debate nationalism as a modern phenomenon. Certain
number of primordial elements that define nationality (language, religion).
- Nationals and nations are modern constructs of the 18th and 19th century
- Industrialization influenced it, and requires that we unify people in order to
exercise the same activities in the factories. People actually unite for political
reasons, the nation is a requirement of political modernity correspondence
between cultural and political unity
- Anthony Smith: Nations are modern, but have ethnic origins. Tried to blend the
two opinions.
I. The Rise of Nationalism in the long 19th century
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