HIST 215 Lecture 17: War Engagement(s)

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HIST 215- Lecture 18- WWII: Engagement(s)
The rise of ideology during this period: the quest for a new human
Understood in a very sanitized, medicalized way (elimination of the sick body)
The new man emerged through this medicalized body
Many people believed in this idea of eugenic race
The other important question is this: how come people came to evil, denouncing
neighbours for example (normal people)
Notion of self-constrained: making people abiding to the law
How the history of resistant movement is being re-written
Resistance was a minority phenomena
oPicture from De Gaulle at the liberation of Paris in August 1944
oParade type of form
oPicture was used in order to write this notion of French people that resisted
oShow a certain aspect of France: communist are absent
oDe Gaulle was showing a certain image of France
oIn the free-French army: colonial troops (not seen here)
oAlso on the picture next to De Gaulle: sergent Dukson: got pushed out of the
Resistances: Space and Time framework
Resistance movement were more important in some countries than other
More important in Eastern Europe than Western Europe
Important in France
Why not in countries of Western Europe: because the anti soviet propaganda functions, it
is appealing to many people. That discourse work. Also a lot of anti-Semitism in these
1939-41: period of non-aggression pact between soviet and Nazi so not at war for the
Means that communist do not see importance of engaging in resistance
1941 things change: war starts with Soviet Union: communists enter resistance
Progressively critzatalization of two movements: republicans, catholic and another which
is more communist oriented
Until 1943 they collaborate
But after 1943, things are different because people start thinking of the after war and
especially political movement and ideology in terms of positioning themselves after the
I. Sociability: the sociological explanation
Different type of sociability
1. Political conviction
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