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The Age of Dictators

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McGill University
HIST 215
Judith Szapor

HIST215The Age of Dictators THE RISE OF DICTATORS Top 3 Cases 1 The Soviet Union from Lenin 18701924 to Stalin 1879195319181921 Civil War in Soviet Russia19211924 New Economic Policy or NEP1924 Lenins death1928 Stalins consolidation of power and new political and economic modelSocialism in one countryFirst FiveYear Plan aka Stalinism forced industrialization collectivization of land political terror central planning elimination of kulaks 1928 expansion of Gulag labour camps193419351938 The Great TerrorElimination of real and potential class enemies and political opposition show trialsQuestionsDid Stalin merely continue what Lenin had startedWas Stalinism inherent in Marxism and Bolshevism or was it a detour an aberrationThe principles of Marxism are still valid2 Italy and Germany the seizure of powerCombination of use and abuse of parliamentary procedure with extraparliamentary intimidation blackshirts and storm troopers SA Mein Kampf 1925 organization of Fascist and Nazi partiesOctober 1922 Mussolinis March on RomeJanuary 1933 Hitler named chancellorFor details of Fascist and Nazi takeovers see Merriman 10051008 and 10121014 10201022Both Mussolini and Hitler used existing parliamentary institutions insisted on proving to the world that they could havedid come to power with legitimate names3 The consolidation of Fascist and Nazi stateHitlers rise to powerWeimar Republic born in crisisSeries of elections polarize public and divide LeftFebruary 1933 Reichstag fire emergency decreesMarch 1933 elections 44 followed y Enabling Law banning all other political partiesMussolinis elimination of the parliamentary system and political enemies role of propagandaHitlers elimination of the parliamentary system and establishment of total control1934 purge of SA1935 Nuremberg LawsFascist vs authoritarian regimes in Europesee partial list in Merriman 10151020
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