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The Triumph of the Nation State

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HIST 215
Judith Szapor

HIST215The Triumph of the Nation State Germany and Italy I OVERVIEW OF EUROPE AFTER 1848FranceThe rise of Louis Bonaparte Napoleons nephewDecember 1848 elected President for 4 years1851 after Assembly refuses to allow him second term he becomes President for 10 years in coup dtat referendum approves his presidency by 921852 Napoleon III crowned Emperor of the FrenchSecond Empire to last until 1870 Karl Marx The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte 1852Adventurer in foreign policy risktaker instrumental in Frances industrialization railway building investment banks modernization of Paris under Hausmann RussiaLeast industrialized country in EuropeDefeat in Crimean war 185356 against Great Britain France Ottoman Empire and SardiniaPiedmontThis defeat leads to the reforms of 1860s emancipation of serfs and judicial reform but no constitution or elected assemblyAlexander II 18551881reluctant reformer did not take the throne with the intention to make many changesPattern establishedmilitary defeat followed by some sort of reform Habsburg Monarchy
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