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The Age of Absolutism

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HIST 215
Judith Szapor

The Age of AbsolutismHIST 215 January 12 2012 Why start in 1648 Peace of Westphalia end of the Thirty Years War o Religions fought during the war Protestants and Catholics Establish political boundaries and religious affiliationso 100 years war was the beginning of the protestant reformation 1818 started with protestant chef o Ended with the so called Dynastic periodmainly between France and Spain Catholic Results o 1 significancenew and terrifying standard of violence including violence against civilianso Total war politica and religious borders establish a precedent for settling international disputes at the proverbialdiplomatic table First peace settlement at the end of the war all the participants came together and signedagreed Started as a war about religion but was about power ruling and territoryo Clear winners France Sweden the Dutch and the SwissSweden took territories from northern German state o Political consequences increased state authoritycontrol centralization and revenues expansion of state bureaucracy they increased fourfold most Europeans states came out with a much stronger bureaucracy standing armies became the n
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