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Republic of Letters - The Enlightenment

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HIST 215
Judith Szapor

Hist 215 January 26Enlightenment The Republic of Letters The significanceScope o All encompassing Role inContribution to political revolution ending old regimeEnlightened philosophers were not really democrats Definitions o Kant Dare to know Have the courage to make use of your own understanding o Catherine the Great to Voltaire You have entered into combat against the enemies of mankind superstition fanaticism ignorance quibbling evil judges and the powers that rest in their hands o To what degree did the conceptsideasprograms of the Enlightenment actually influence the French RevolutionMerriman p 312 during that period of contagious intellectual energy and enthusiastic quest for knowledgeThe Enlightenment was the most influential and distinctive cultural thmovement of the 18 c Its main goals were to free humankind from error and superstition through a critical review of all human knowledge and to free people form unnecessary restraints on their freedom through social and political reform
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