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February 17th Continued Lecture

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McGill University
HIST 215
Judith Szapor

Hist 215 February 9th The way were telling the story is going to impact the event that will come afterEdmund Burke Thomas Paine Mary Wollstonecraft Alexis de Toqueville Albert Soboul Francois Furet NapoleonJuly 1794 Thermidor and Thermidorian Reaction17951799 Directory o Middleclass gains reinforce Parisian Commune closed down o End of fixed prices continuing war o Good for people with propertymoney mostly bad for people who had to buy their food on the market because with all the excesses the fixed prices went out the window 1795 Constitution indirect elections o Full rights for every male o All males with elect two assemblies which will elect smaller councils who will elect 5 directorso 1799 Brumaire 18 November Sieyes one of the five directors plots with Napoleon to overthrow the DirectoryNapoleon becomes First Consulmemorize bold things on Web CTarmy over these revolutionary years becomes the engine of change and feels that he has something to provegive all open anyone can join 2 army and its continuing success proves the revolution as
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