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Eighteenth Century Society

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HIST 215
Judith Szapor

Hist 215 Jan 24 Eighteenth Century Society Most nobles generally those closer to the court were required to live in Versailles in or around the palacePersonal life of the King was inseparable from public Perfected and modernized the art of propagandao Nobilityrule of a tiny fraction of society 349SpainPoland ratio of nobility was much higher o Peasants the silent majorityThe only way to express themselves was through rebellion Great majority lived on or off the land 80 at this timeEating very little meat and dairy peasant foodo The Middle classes limited in size and influenceBeginning of the trend that people increasingly move from thcountry to city Only significant by the end of the 18 c Big cities military universities Always the places where religious minorities found their wayescaped as cities were more liberalpermissive placesCity society was highly codifiedjust because you live there doesnt make you a full citizen Highly structured Agricultural Revolution From the Dutch republic to
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